Crossfit Workouts for Muscle Building & Fat Burning

Crossfit Workouts for Muscle Building & Fat Burning

Crossfit is now an exercise phenomenon. It has been gaining popularity and has become a new phenomenon in the way people work out.

Founded in 2000, the growth has been increasing with over 10,000 gyms all over America.

When Greg Glassman created Crossfit, the goal was to train police forces and keep them fit.

The popularity of the workout stems from the fact that it offers unique exercises.

People have grown tired of using traditional gym exercise machines and have fallen in love with new and creative ways to build muscle and burn fat at a faster rate.

Since Crossfit doesn’t require generic machines, it provides a one of a kind intense workout focused on movement and strengthening of the body.

Crossfit workouts use various exercises with barbells and other weights. There are also sets without weights like pull-ups, muscle-ups, and leg lifts.

Running is also a part of the Crossfit regimen, and the unique mix of new and old methods of training is what made fanatics fall in love with the workout.

The variety of workouts can be physically intense, and they help target various muscles in the body that basic drills would not cover.

Success stories have been numerous, which is another reason why the workout has become so popular these days.

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Crossfit Games

Many people enjoy Crossfit as exercise, but some love to compete. There are many Crossfit competitions, and the most popular is the Crossfit Games, which is a yearly event that started back in 2007.

The games provide excellent entertainment and motivation for people to become cross-fitters.

Train with Caution 

Despite the many fans and popularity of Crossfit, there are many skeptics as well. There are people who believe that Crossfit can cause serious injuries.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, you should first know the risks. If not done correctly, Crossfit can be very dangerous.

Many cases of broken bones, torn ligaments and sprained muscles have been reported while doing Crossfit.

You need to start gradually and get comfortable with the different movements before adding more weight.

Many crossfitters also tend to work their body too much. They work out too, often resulting in soreness, muscle fatigue, and strains.

Crossfit will work for you if done correctly and within your limits.

Despite the risks, Crossfit still keeps on gaining popularity. What used to be police training workouts is now a preferred method of exercise by many people worldwide.

Crossfit Workout Terminology you Should Get Familiar With

AMRAP: this means “as many reps as possible.” The workout is designed to push your body to the limits in a short time.

This helps you plan the pacing and effort you need to give for a specific time.

EMOM: Every minute, on the minute. This format helps you work harder to get more rest. You need to complete the number of reps within a minute’s timeframe and resting for the remainder of the same minute timeframe. 

WOD: Workout of the day. This refers to the prescribed workout from Crossfit Affiliate gyms to their members.

The need may vary when it comes to beginners and experienced athletes. You may need to reduce the volume if you are starting or increase your workout to improve fitness.

Crossfit Workout for Beginners

We share some ideal workouts for newbies to Crossfit training. This won’t be easy, but you can expect results quickly.

You will notice an increase in size, energy, and strength after a few weeks of training.

The workouts combine high-intensity and weight training to keep your muscles guessing. No resting between moves, but you can recover for a minute after each cycle. Repeat five times.

Barbell Deadlift: 5 sets of 10 reps

  • Do a squat and hold a barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart
  • With your chest up, pull your shoulders back and look straight as you lift the bar
  • Take the weight back onto your heels and place the bar close to your body at all times
  • Lift the bar to thigh level, pause, then return gradually to starting position

Kettlebell Swings: 5 sets of 30 secs

  • Get a kettlebell and place it a few feet in front of you. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and bend knees to lean forward and grab the kettle bar with both hands
  • Keep your back flat and engage your lats to pull the weight between your legs(careful with how deep you swing), then move your hips forward and pull the kettlebell up to shoulder height with your arms straight 
  • Go back to starting position and repeat without any pause

Barbell Squat: 5 sets of 10 reps

  • Begin by standing with your feet more than shoulder-width apart and hold a barbell across your upper back using an overhand grip (don’t rest the barbell on your neck). Hug the bar into your traps to workout your upper back muscles
  • Next, you need to sit back slowly into a squat with your head up, back straight, and backside out. Go lower until your hips are aligned with your knees and your legs at 90 degrees. You can do a deeper squat once you gain strength and flexibility.
  • Push your heels onto the floor and drive yourself explosively back up. Keep your form until you are standing straight, that’s one count.

Box Jumps: 5 sets of 20 secs

  • Position yourself a comfortable distance from the box with feet at shoulder-width apart
  • Drop fast into a quarter squat, swing your arms and explode upwards to jump onto the box. Land as gently as possible
  • Step backward off the box and repeat

Enjoy Crossfit Workouts in Ogden, Utah

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Our Crossfit program is ideal for beginners and old-timers alike; you can even come and try out a class for Free.

Check us out and see if our location would make you come back for more.

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