Are you a gym enthusiast? How about being obsessive-compulsive (OC) in work out? Boring at the gym? Looking for something new? Wanna join a Fitness Club?

Hi! Today we will discuss something new– something in a gym that is not ordinary for you. 

To begin, let’s compare and contrast a gym to a fitness club. When we say gym and fitness club, our aim or target is to be fit or achieve a particular body built. In both the gym and fitness center, we do exercise and training which help develop our body parts to achieve such a body built. On the other side of the coin, there are apparent differences between the two– when we say gym, we are talking to mere exercise and routine works like weights, lifting, treadmills, dumbbells, and the like; on the other hand, a fitness center also includes what is in the gym but offers other services such as sauna, massage therapy services, kids’ gym, yoga, cycling, indoor and outdoor sports, and many more. It extensively offers programs that do not just about exercise and work out but also about being happy and doing what you want while achieving your body goals. 

Apparently speaking, a fitness center is also referred to as “not a normal gym.”

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4300 SC: the Best Fitness Center in Utah!

We don’t want and mean to boast but 4300 SC offers fitness centers to its target market; with complete equipment for indoor and outdoor training and exercise, we are confident enough that you will never have reasons to turn back in achieving your “body goals.” As the best fitness center, we extensively offer the following in a program where you can choose from:

  • Over 60 classes for Group Fitness center; 
  • Yoga Sessions; 
  • Cycling sessions; 
  • Swimming Sessions; 
  • Tennis Games;
  • Massage Therapy sessions; and 
  • Many more.

As the best fitness center, we do planning with our clients based on their needs, we also implement these programs with our Certified Personal Trainer. Such Personal Trainer will help you personally achieve your body goals. Also, you don’t have to worry because we will monitor or track your progress as you go along or finished several sessions so we can further discuss your future needs to immediately and joyfully achieve your goals. 

We are not ordinary!

Yes, you read it right– “we are not ordinary!” We are not ordinary in the sense that you will just be alone in our center. Each center is composed of several sessions where we expect you to attend to. By attending these sessions, we are pretty sure that your cooperation to this program would result in faster and effective results. 

Here at 4300 SC, we don’t want you to be obsessive-compulsive (OC) in work out– by OC, we mean that your exercise will be so joyful and not being won’t let you feel the ‘compulsion.’ and we will also not let you think that our programs are being repeated every day– this is what we so-called “obsession.”

But wait, there’s more: Experience more with them!

Yes, there is more! Aside from yourself doing work out happily, we also encourage you to bring your children and also do work-out– meet people and be their buddy. Our amenities for your children include swimming pools, basketball, tennis courts, summer sports camp, junior and family areas, and a Family Child Care Center. 

We allow your children to be with you so you can be happier– happy as individual and happy that your family also does and aiming to be physically fit.

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Our Amenities at 4300 SC

4300 SC  is composed of Fitness Centers, Yoga Studio, Basketball, Cycling Room, Indoor Track, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, 8 indoor and outdoor Tennis Courts, Speed and Agility Training Center, kids, Summer Sports Camp, Massage Therapy Rooms, Junior and Family Areas, and Family Child Care Center. 

Each center has different schedules, for your reference, please read more at 4300’SC Amenities.

Let’s go now!

So what else are you waiting for? Come now and let’s talk about your training. Experience the “not a normal gym” or the Fitness Club to the next level!

For inquiry about fitness club and our sessions, please call us at +801-479-6500 for more info, you may visit us at

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