The Mobility & Recovery class is designed to facilitate recovery, reduce the risk of injury and enhance human performance. With the combination of self-myofascial release, mobility, coordination control and flexibility, we will work to relieve any pain or tension that you may be experiencing and prevent it from occurring in the future.

What makes 4300’SC Strength & Conditioning different?

This type of programing is unique. Very few individuals in life get to experience this kind of training unless they were in a collegiate sport or a training at a high level. With that in mind, the training strategy that we implement is designed to constantly progress the body and push your body to new limits with little to no risk of injury. We have the ability to train individuals of all experience levels ranging from novice to expert and the programming can be modified to mean the individuals own skill level and limitations. Our goals are to keep you safe, motivated and progressing in your fitness as well as building more confidence in yourself. All of our trainers are Crossfit certified and /or Personal Training Certified through a Nationally Accredited training program.

Who can benefit from strength and conditioning training?

Anyone and everyone can truly benefit from the strength and conditioning model. This model is about developing your body which includes muscle tissue, bone health, joint stability, ligaments and tendon health, as well as the mind-body connection. Whether you are trying to work on general health or training for more advanced competitions, this program will benefit you.

Is strength and conditioning just for athletes?

4300’SC has been shown to help in performance and injury prevention in almost every sport and every type of movement. Strength and conditioning classes are good for the general fitness or all members to those who compete in athletic events and sports.

My child participates on a sports team through their high school, would it be beneficial for them to participate in a strength and conditioning program?

Athletes of all ages and sports benefit greatly from strength and conditioning and should actively participate in a well developed program that is implemented and supervised by a professional due to the significant benefits that one can only gain through proper strength and conditioning. Benefits include decreased likelihood of injury and improved performance on an off the field. 4300’SC Youth program is designed to improve youth athletic performance in a safe, fun, and positive environment. By working on speed, agility, functional movements, strength, and conditioning we hope to provide a solid base to help today’s youth elevate to their fullest potential. We run our program every six weeks so that you can plan your sports and life to coordinate with your training. [See Schedule]